Cascade Staff

Cascade Camp Cedarbrook staff come from many walks of life and many Christian denominations.

We unite under four shared core values and a statement of faith.  Our core values, shared with other Cedarbrook Camps are to:

  • help campers grow in faith,
  • develop their personal skills and confidence,
  • form healthy relationships with campers and staff, and
  • experience the great outdoors.

Cedarbrook staff are interviewed, have references and their background checked, and affirm the statement of faith.

Attending the Cedarbrook staff training in the spring is expected of each staff member.  Staff members who are unable to attend training will be assigned online learning modules to complete.


Apply to be on staff at Cascade Camp Cedarbrook by registering online and choosing a staff account.

Please check each week, or session, in addition to position that you desire.

Any questions, please contact Jayne Blackburn, Executive Director/Registrar.